Neurological Health and Mitochondria

Mitochondria are tiny organelles found in almost all of our cells, and they’re responsible for generating the energy our cells need to function.

Mitochondria are like tiny power plants that combine the food we eat with the air we breathe to make the energy our cells need to operate. Mitochondria are also crucial to proper cell growth and play many other important roles within the cell.

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'Neurological health and mitochondria'

What are mitochondria?

When we are young and healthy the mitochondria in our neurons are working at 100%, delivering all the energy needed. We are strong, full of energy, we have sharp memories and we sleep well, and—for the most part—we are free from serious disease.

As we get older our mitochondria naturally start to decline in function. They are thought to decline at around 10% per decade from our thirties and beyond. 

We don’t notice it immediately but we start to have less energy, we don’t recover from illness or injury as quickly, and we may start to notice small things like tiredness, memory-loss and muscle weakness.   

What happens to mitochondria in Neurological Conditions?

"I was diagnosed with a neurological condition 15 years ago. I started taking MitoQ about 6 weeks ago and have noticed some definite improvement in co-ordination, tiredness & movement."

- Karen Vernon, Australia 

You’ve probably heard of free radicals and the damage they can do to our bodies. When mitochondria produce all that energy our neurons need they also produce lots of free radicals. It’s a lot like the exhaust produced by an engine. While free radicals do have some uses in our bodies, they can also be very damaging if not kept in check. Healthy mitochondria are very good at keeping this balance, but as they decline they aren’t able to maintain their arsenal of antioxidants and the damage begins to pile up.

An excess of free radicals can attack the mitochondria and damage the delicate mitochondrial membranes. When this happens the free radicals can also leak out into the rest of the cell. This can cause damage to many components of our neurons, even their DNA.

We get by because our neurons are incredibly clever at re-organizing their activity so that their main jobs get done. But their lack of energy means some other important but non-urgent jobs don't get done—like processing and removing waste, or repairing cellular components. 

Over time we experience a slow breakdown of our cellular machinery. This starts to impact on how well our neurons function and affects our strength, our cognitive function and our control over our bodies. The ongoing cycle of more and more damage can eventually develop into various neurological conditions, and our neurons might stop working properly or even start to die.

What we are experiencing is neurodegeneration. To minimise any such cellular damage it is vital to boost the health of our mitochondria as early as possible. 

Mitochondria may be the issue

Neurological Conditions?

Fraser suffers from a debilitating neurological condition. "I've gone from someone requiring assistance to dress/undress, cook and do laundry to someone who is now at a point of dressing/undressing myself, cooking and doing my own laundry. My walking has also improved greatly."

- Fraser Hunt, Scotland

Key Benefits of MitoQ

MitoQ is 100 of times more effective than other forms of CoQ10 

$50M spent on international research on the benefits of MitoQ

MitoQ slows free radical damage associated with aging 

Mitochondria-targeted antioxidants are a new type of antioxidant, able to deliver a payload of free radical defense directly into the mitochondria. 

MitoQ is the world's first mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant and it accumulates inside the mitochondria 100's of times more effectively than all other forms of CoQ10. When you increase levels of CoQ10 in the mitochondria it is like ‘tuning up’ your cellular engine, making more energy available to your cells and reducing oxidative stress from free radical damage.

Recently, MitoQ was selected for a world-leading independent research program in the USA to evaluate its effect on slowing and potentially reversing the cellular aging process.

To date, more than $50 million of research has been conducted, and over 200 scientific papers have been published, investigating MitoQ’s effect. MitoQ has helped thousands of people with neurological conditions to live happier healthier and more active lives.

MitoQ improves energy levels and mental clarity 

MitoQ supports optimal organ health 

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